Med-ic® is the only smart blister technology ever submitted with a FDA priority review resulting in a blockbuster drug approval.

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Our intelligent adherence solutions have collected tens of millions of doses, improving decision-making in hundreds of studies

Insight into your patients’ dose taking is invaluable, making objective medication adherence data an indispensable part of every modern clinical trial. Use it to coach your patients to be more adherent for vastly better outcomes — study size can even be reduced with improved adherence, leading to valuable returns on investment.

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Medication Adherence Matters

Return on Investment in Research

Clinical decisions (both human and AI) should be based on 100% adherence with the medication regimen, something rarely achieved in outpatient settings. 

Our ECMs improve research efficiency and accuracy by mitigating non-adherence and leading to improved outcomes.

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Medication Adherence Matters

Benefits in Digital Health

Insight into your patient’s medication adherence is invaluable. Discover how our industry leading Digital Health solutions lead to improved medication adherence, better clinical outcomes, fewer patient dropouts and even reduced clinical trial sizes.

Our Med-ic® smart blister package and eCAP® smart pill bottle provide medication adherence data – an indispensable part of any clinical decision.

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Adherence Insights

Our Most Frequently Asked Question


The most frequently asked question we get is “Can you do real-time adherence monitoring?” The simple answer is “yes, but… how will you use real time data in real time?” […]

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Making trials smarter


Electronic content monitors (ECM) add cost to a clinical trial but offer enormous return on the investment (ROI). This is why progressive clinical trials are using our CertiScan ECM toolKIT […]

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IMC Partners with Medopad


Information Mediary Corp Joins Medopad Global Digital Health Platform London, UK and Ottawa, Canada – 22 October 2018 – Medopad, a health technology company with partners such as Apple (NASDAQ: […]

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World’s First and Only NFC Forum Certified Adherence Solution


IMC, the global leader in Smart Medication Adherence Solutions, is proud to announce that our Electronic Content Monitoring NFC Tag is the world’s only Medication Adherence Device certified and listed […]