Our intelligent adherence devices have collected tens of millions of doses, improving decision-making in hundreds of studies

Insight into your patients’ dose taking is invaluable, making objective medication adherence data an indispensable part of every modern clinical trial.

Use it to coach your patients to be more adherent for vastly better outcomes — with improved adherence, study size can be reduced, leading to more efficient research and returns on investment to your organization.


Having sold over a million Med-ic intelligent blister packages, this is the Gold Standard solution to the problem of patient non-adherence with prescribed medication. This smart blister is validated and has proven to be extremely robust and accurate in real world conditions.

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The eCAP™ Smart Bottle looks and feels just like the pharmacy bottle your patients are used to, but one important difference: its Electronic Content Monitor (ECM®) records real-time adherence data, tracking the precise time and date of each opening.

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CoolBlue® AI

Perfect for monitoring temperature sensitive product, CoolBlue® provides real time temperature data throughout the supply chain and can be added to any of our ECM® smart packages.

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A discreet real time electronic symptom checklist that fits conveniently in a pocket or purse.

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Med-ic® SyringePack

Multiple sensors combine to make this ECM the perfect solution for tracking temperature for sensitive products at the item level.

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CertiScan® Secure Reader

The CertiScan® RFID Reader and associated software is IMC’s proprietary, secure solution to downloading Med-ic® ECM© data.

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