Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them

Patients are only 50 to 65 percent adherent, and this reduces a clinical trial’s statistical power – the ability to detect a treatment effect if one exists. Information Mediary Corp.’s smart packaging solutions allow for the early detection of patient non-adherence and its correction through self-discovery, education and motivational counselling.

Adjusting outcome data for medication non-adherence increases a clinical trial’s statistical power and provides dramatic ROI. Calculate your ROI.

Medical Research

Take the guesswork out of estimating medication adherence.

Discover how our medication adherence solutions can make your research more accurate, turning non-adherence into a powerful return on investment (ROI).

New Drug Development

Better patient adherence yields enormous returns on investment.

Our intelligent packaging solutions are compatible with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), providing authentication, anti-tampering, deblistering and diversion detection throughout the life of the medication package.



Clinical Packaging

Our intelligent pharmaceutical packages integrate seamlessly into standard clinical packaging processes without impacting your timelines.  We do all the design, tooling and validations in tandem with your existing timelines.  No delays.  Guaranteed.


Our Devices integrate seamlessly with your processes


Optimize trials by requiring fewer subjects to provide equal statistical significance. Connect patient adherence data directly to your platform.


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Specialty Pharmacy

Information Mediary Corp.’s NFC Forum certified intelligent blisters and bottles provide real-time medication adherence data to patients, caregivers and families; informing care teams about changes in adherence patterns that may require timely intervention. 

Discover how you can strengthen the pharmacist-patient relationship

Care Homes

Aging population demographics combined with spiralling health-care costs make cost-reducing measures the order of the day. Smart medication packaging and real time remote connectivity bring your patient closer to their families and caregivers.

Find out about our Adherence Solutions  for Care Homes