The Most Accurate Smart Blister in the World

The Med-ic® Electronic Compliance Monitor (ECM©) consists of IMC's proprietary IC connected to a patented sensor grid printed with non-toxic conductive inks applied directly to polymer or paper label substrates. Med-ic is a medication event monitoring system in the form of a Smart Package. The result of 14 years of R&D and continuous quality improvement (CQI), Med-ic combines affordability with accuracy, flexibility and reliability. Med-ic integrates seamlessly into existing packaging systems and is as easy to use as affixing an address label. Each Med-ic application is custom-designed, tested and validated before being released to production. Engineered to achieve 99.6% accuracy, validation tests have shown repeatedly 100% package survival and 100% event accuracy. Compliance data generated by the medication event monitoring system are downloaded with a CertiScan® Reader and Software or any NFC- or Bluetooth LE-enabled smart phone or tablet. The data can be viewed via an intuitive graphic user interface or stored for later analysis. ECM data can be used in a variety of ways in both research and clinical settings.


How does Med-ic work

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