Revolutionary Temperature Visibility

CoolBlue® AI offers built-in temperature excursion monitoring as a companion to Med-ic smart blisters, syringe packs and eCAP bottles. CoolBlue® AI is a built-in component of IMC’s smart packaging and therefore offers attractive price-performance.

Product Overview

Instead of a difficult to interpret continuous temperature curve, CoolBlue® AI evaluates storage conditions in real time, calculating and recording temperature excursions, Tmin/Tmax, MKT, and time within programmable ranges. CoolBlue AI can also be configured to calculate dynamic best-before (or use-by) dates from real time temperature exposure data.

CoolBlue® AI-enabled smart packages are scanned with NFC-capable devices (eg. iPhone), and in the event of a relevant temperature excursion (eg. > 10 min exposure to > 8°C) the companion app displays a warning to the user that a significant excursion has occurred.


“ There is no longer a need
for a separate temperature
logger. ”

Advantages of CoolBlue® AI

  • Low cost wireless programmable
    temperature tracking
  • Records each unit dose removed
  • Package GEO location
  • Dynamic package level expiry dates
  • Unique ID using NFC mobile app to
    display data
  • Onboard analysis of time/temperature and MKT
  • Validated accuracy better than ± 1.0°C
  • Licensed for use with single use or reusable
    smart package designs
  • Also works with secure protocol using IMC’s
    CertiScan® wireless reader
  • Data can be shared via IMC’s secure CertiScan
  • Cloud or other specified cloud systems
  • Third party integration via easy to use API
  • NFC Forum Certified
  • Eliminates e-waste from external logger devices

Use Cases

  • Full track and trace - FDA DSCSA
  • Brand retention through patent extension
  • Commercial branding

    Product Brochure

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