Vision Statement

IMC empowers clinical research and healthcare as the leading provider of innovative medication adherence solutions


Mission Statement

We design end-to-end solutions and conduct research and development primarily in the areas of pharmaceutical, logistics and supply chain compliance technologies.  Our teams of talented and creative people integrate existing skills, forward thinking, subject matter expertise and novel technologies into new inventions to realize our Vision. We are a global player in our fields of excellence and provide a stimulating, supportive, and rewarding environment for our employees and partners.


IMC espouses five core values: creativity; technical, financial and operational discipline; and common sense:


Creative Thinking – Creativity is based on a fundamental human quality - curiosity.  Creative thinking comprises flexibility, originality, fluency, and associative and metaphorical thinking. By being curious and looking around us we can develop new solutions, abandon old tracks and forge new paths - “thinking outside the box”.


Technical Excellence – Scientific and technical expertise are required to convert creative thinking into real products and solutions.  Fundamentals form the “grammar” of everyday development and engineering.  Embracing fundamentals allows us to better understand our world.


Disciplined Agility – Today’s global economy is organized through standards.  Standards are based on disciplined processes, quality management systems, and controls and policies, as specified in the constitutions of ISO, GMP and other standards.  Operational discipline promotes better communication, even across geographic and language barriers, and yields efficiency, reproducible quality, and allows us to satisfy customer requirements through timely delivery of high quality products. We converge the best of traditional and agile management concepts to enable rapid iterations of innovative solutions within the strict framework of regulatory standards.


Financial Management – Money is the basic business driver.  It pays salaries, pays rent, and supports daily activities.  In an ideal business, money is a renewable resource that must be managed and cared for.  It is also a limited resource requiring respect.  Sound financial management requires a fair approach to resource allocation and balanced management of risks, costs, benefits and profits. 


Common Sense – Common sense is the acid test of every decision made by or for an individual.  It is about prudence and sound judgment. Common sense is subjective and involves personal experience, study, research, knowledge and beliefs.  The application of common sense to judging others’ decisions is difficult, because it requires not only one’s own view, but also an empathetic view of the world from the perspective of other people, cultures, environments, and educational backgrounds.

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