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World's first and only NFC Forum-certified Medication Adherence Solution:

Finally, after 30 years, the era of proprietary medication event management systems (MEMS) has come to an end. MEMS record the time each dose is accessed from a smart medicine bottle, such as eCAP ( or Smart Blister package (, including electronic versions of Dosepak ( 

IMC, the global leader in Smart Medication Adherence Solutions, is proud to announce that our Electronic Content Monitoring NFC Tag is the world's only Medication Adherence Device certified and listed by NFC Forum. 

For pharma QA folks there will be no question that only a certified device should be chosen to eliminate the risk of incompatibilities. 

There is no such thing as “NFC compatible” or “NFC device” etc.  choosing IMC’s NFC Forum-certified devices assures compatibility across all NFC readers and phones around the world when rolling out Medication Adherence solutions.  

Congratulations to the IMC engineering team for this achievement. 

For more information please contact Joanne Watters

New 'Smart Pill' Raises Ethical Questions

Arthur L. Caplan. Is the 'Digital Pill' an Invasion of Privacy? - Medscape - Dec 03, 2015.
NYU bioethicist Arthur Caplan says he can imagine a judge using Proteus to enforce medication as part of a sentence: miss a pill, and your parole is revoked. "The temptation in the legal system to say, 'I can monitor you and make sure you're not a threat' is going to be huge," Caplan says. "Maybe that's good, maybe it's bad, but it's a different world than saying I consent to taking these pills." Those court orders are rare at the moment, since there’s no way to ensure a patient is taking medication outside of a controlled treatment facility — but as pill-tracking becomes easier, those measures could become much more common.

Medication Adherence Solutions for the Big Data Age

IMC makes IoT connected Med-ic Smart Blisters, eCAP Smart Medication Bottles, CoolBlue temperature aware Smart Pack for syringes and custom products. IMC is active in the AI enabled digital health field, and offers its own secure CertiScan clinical research adherence cloud as well as the Medopad digital health platform worldwide. IMCs latest Lilipond AI project is aimed at detecting opiate abuse early enough to avoid addiction; focussing on prevention. Our solutions are connected through our CertiScan Adherence Cloud and partnerships with global health platforms.

Unrivalled 3 sigma dose event accuracy, support track and trace logistics, detect tampering, fraud, diversion and much more.


Experience the latest generation of award-winning Smart Packaging.  The power of connected smart packaging and innovative adherence technologies is now in the hands of the patient. Global digital mobile health platforms connect patients and their data directly with their care teams to assist in behavioural modification and support both AI and human clinical decisions.


“Allowing nonadherence to go unaddressed results in spurious data that can lead to erroneous conclusions (underestimation) of an IND’s effectiveness, with resulting downstream effects on all those for whom the drug, if approved, will ultimately be prescribed.” Allan Wilson, MD PhD., President and co-founder of IMC.

The gold-standard solution to the problem of patient non-adherence with prescribed medication for unit-dose blister packaging.

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eCAP™ is your smart bottle solution for monitoring adherence. Each opening is recorded in real time.

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CoolBlue® AI offers built-in temperature excursion monitoring as a companion to Med-ic smart blisters, syringe packs and eCAP bottles.

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A discreet real time electronic symptom checklist that fits conveniently in a pocket or purse.

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The CertiScan® RFID Reader and associated Software is IMC's proprietary, secure solution to downloading Med-ic® ECM© data. The compliance data captured by the reader are stored on a PC where they are displayed via an intuitive interface, allowing the clinician to interact knowledgeably with the patient around medication-taking behavior. CertiScan is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11. 



IAP Labs is a division of Information Mediary Corporation and was formerly known as XINK Laboratories Ltd., which was acquired by Henkel (ex- National Starch) on June 1, 2006. IAP Labs is dedicated to the development of intelligent and active packaging technologies. IAP Labs Inc. provides development, prototyping, testing, and production of intelligent packaging, printed electronics, printed sensors, and pharmaceutical smart labels from its Ottawa-based facilities (


When accountability to making medication adherence count matters, the Med-ic Smart Blister is the most powerful accurate solution available in health technology worldwide. Unrivaled 3-sigma accuracy makes the Med-ic Smart Blister the leader for smart packaging in clinical trials, specialty pharmacy through commercial branding.


Designed for use with blister packaging formats, the Med-ic Smart Blister monitors medication adherence one unit dose at a time, real time.

Med-ic Smart Blister is available in child resistant packaging that includes Keystone’s eco-slideRX®, the F1-rated Key-Pak® or the WestRock Dosepak® series formats.

Specialty pharmacy use for calendar packs, multidose or polypharmacy. Each Med-ic Smart Blister can include on-board temperature sensing and tracking for sensitive medications, such as monoclonal antibody drugs.

Features & Benefits

  • Records adherence; Improves adherence
  • Android / iOS
  • Discreet
  • 3-sigma event accuracy
  • Technology low impact
  • Tamper evident
  • Smart calendar blister packs
  • Smart polypharmacy
  • Unit-of-use traceability
  • Serialization and FDA DSCSA

Use Cases

  • Clinical trials using blister packaged medication (phases 2, 3, 4)
  • Commercial products where adherence and/or temperature are critical
  • Chronic disease management
  • Brand retention through patent extension
  • With populations at high risk for non-adherence (elderly, psychiatric etc.)

Product Brochure

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How does Med-ic work

Med-ic® CoolBlue®

Revolutionary Temperature Visibility

CoolBlue® AI offers built-in temperature excursion monitoring as a companion to Med-ic smart blisters, syringe packs and eCAP bottles. CoolBlue® AI is a built-in component of IMC’s smart packaging and therefore offers attractive price-performance.

Product Overview

Instead of a difficult to interpret continuous temperature curve, CoolBlue® AI evaluates storage conditions in real time, calculating and recording temperature excursions, Tmin/Tmax, MKT, and time within programmable ranges. CoolBlue AI can also be configured to calculate dynamic best-before (or use-by) dates from real time temperature exposure data.

CoolBlue® AI-enabled smart packages are scanned with NFC-capable devices (eg. iPhone), and in the event of a relevant temperature excursion (eg. > 10 min exposure to > 8°C) the companion app displays a warning to the user that a significant excursion has occurred.


“ There is no longer a need
for a separate temperature
logger. ”

Advantages of CoolBlue® AI

  • Low cost wireless programmable
    temperature tracking
  • Records each unit dose removed
  • Package GEO location
  • Dynamic package level expiry dates
  • Unique ID using NFC mobile app to
    display data
  • Onboard analysis of time/temperature and MKT
  • Validated accuracy better than ± 1.0°C
  • Licensed for use with single use or reusable
    smart package designs
  • Also works with secure protocol using IMC’s
    CertiScan® wireless reader
  • Data can be shared via IMC’s secure CertiScan
  • Cloud or other specified cloud systems
  • Third party integration via easy to use API
  • NFC Forum Certified
  • Eliminates e-waste from external logger devices

Use Cases

  • Full track and trace - FDA DSCSA
  • Brand retention through patent extension
  • Commercial branding

    Product Brochure

    Click here to download the product brochure.

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