XINK Laboratories Ltd. is now IAP Labs, a division of Information Mediary Corporation

Ottawa, June 20, 2006. National Starch and Chemical Company (a member of the ICI Group NYSE:ICI) has acquired the water-based printing ink and adhesive technology of XINK Laboratories, Ltd. of Ottawa, Canada and its affiliates. The XINK trademark has also been acquired by National Starch. Acheson Electronic Materials, a National Starch business unit, will be responsible for the marketing and sales of products based on the technology. The acquisition occurred on June 1, 2006. Terms are not being disclosed.

Michael Petersen, Chief Operating Officer of Information Mediary Corporation states "The XINK water-based conductive printing ink and adhesive technology provides National Starch and Chemical Company, a global leader in innovative electronic materials products, with a wider scope of processing capability, a critical requirement for RFID applications."

XINK novel water-based conductive inks are environmentally friendly and do not require expensive solvent recovery equipment during ink processing. These inks are also fast drying and highly stable at room temperature. These features enable high speed assembly with minimum product waste, therefore minimizing assembly cost. Finally, these inks are highly conductive, making them suitable for use in RFID antenna applications and other demanding printed electronic applications.

Customer inquiries about XINK water-based conductive printing ink and adhesive technology for RFID and other printed electronic applications should be directed to Greg Gaitens, Sales Manager, Acheson Electronic Materials.

Information Mediary Corporation (IMC) and its affiliates retains the exclusive rights to use XINK formulations for its award-winning Med-ic Digital Package and pharmaceutical smart label technologies ( IMC will continue to provide pharmaceutical packaging and smart label technologies design, development and prototype services in its Ottawa-based facilities as

About IAP Labs and Information Mediary Corporation:

IAP Labs is a division of IMC and was formerly known as XINK Laboratories Ltd. IAP Labs is dedicated to continuing the development of intelligent and active packaging technologies. IAP Labs provides development, prototyping, testing, and production of pharmaceutical smart label technologies from its Ottawa-based facilities (

Information Mediary Corporation (IMC) offers custom designed RFID sensors (Class 3 EPC RFID tags), RFID readers, and groundbreaking innovations in printed electronics. IMC has developed affordable, low cost wireless cold chain temperature sensors, and smart label inlays that can monitor patient compliance with prescribed medication dispensed from intelligent pharmaceutical packages.

About Intelligent Devices Inc.

Intelligent Devices Incorporated (IDI) is IMC's global sales, contract manufacturing, marketing and distribution agent specializing in ECM (Electronic Content Monitoring) devices. With its head office in Barbados, IDI currently carries the Med-ic and Log-ic product lines, printed electronics devices and RFID sensors for industrial and military applications.

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